Author series: The end of indexing (Fully Booked)
Wed 26 Sep 18 at BNY Mellon, London

Investing passively in equities through ETFs or other index products (aka indexing) is the flavour of the day. The amount of assets managed passively is growing almost exponentially. Niels Clemen Jensen, Chief Investment Officer, Absolute Return Partners will present 'Thinking outside the box', based on his book, The end of indexing. He will argue that indexing is entirely unsuitable for the investment environment that we are entering.

Niels will explain why six structural mega-trends that are virtually set in stone will hold back economic growth as well as equity returns for many years to come. When investing passively, the only risk factor investors are exposed to is equity beta risk, and that is the one risk factor you don’t want to be overly exposed to going forward.

Niels logic is quite simple. It is a fact that the last 35 years have been extraordinarily rewarding for investors almost everywhere. Beginning in the early 1980s, the amalgamated effect of sharply falling interest rates and baby boomers moving into their peak spending years resulted in quite extraordinary conditions for risk assets that we all benefitted from.

Niels writes: "The good days are now behind us. Over the next many years, the very benign trend of the last 35 years is going to reverse, and risk assets will almost certainly deliver only a fraction of the returns that an entire generation of investors grew up with and came to believe are the norm – returns only the great bull market has ever delivered."

It is not all gloom and doom, though. Niels believes there is a way out for investors prepared to think outside-the-box and, towards the end of the presentation, Niels will share one or two ideas with you. The most important lesson? ‘Lazy’ investors who just invest passively will be punished in the years to come!

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Niels Clemen Jensen
Chief Investment Officer, Absolute Return Partners

Niels Clemen Jensen, Chief Investment Officer, Absolute Return Partners, has over 30 years of investment banking and investment management experience. He began his career in Copenhagen in 1984 before moving to London in 1986. He founded Absolute Return Partners in 2002 and, today, he is the Chief Investment Officer of the firm. In 2006 he was appointed Director of a leading UK corporate pension fund, advising it on its investment strategy a position he continues to hold.

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Wednesday 26 September 18

Registration: 18:00
Event: 18:30 - 19:30

BNY Mellon, 160 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4LA
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