Curriculum 2010

A committee of practicing CFA charterholders, in conjunction with CFA Institute staff, designs the curriculum to deliver the Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK). The curriculum is delivered in a candidate-friendly, integrated form at each level of the exam program.

When registering for the CFA exams candidates receive a full curriculum covering all learning outcome statements (LOS).

The curriculum is organised into several study sessions to help candidates navigate the material. Each study session includes assigned readings (drawn from textbook chapters, professional journal articles, CFA Program-commissioned content, cases, and research analyst reports), learning outcome statements and problem sets that demonstrate practical application and reinforce understanding of the concepts presented in the readings. Because each exam question is based explicitly on the curriculum, candidates are encouraged to cover the curriculum fully in their revision.

The curriculum readings for each exam are including in the registration fee. You will be sent the corresponding curriculum for each exam that you register for.

The CFA Program curriculum covered during your studies gives you a good grasp of the topics found within the CFA exam. However, we always recommend that you work through sample questions so that you know exactly what to expect on exam day.

CFA UK offer a number of mock exams to help you identify quick questions that will gain you easy marks, and those which may require a little more time. For more information contact

What CFA UK members say:

"Practice questions are an invaluable resource and helped me gain the confidence and exam-taking skills I needed to pass Levels I and II first time. My advice to all candidates is to take as many mock exams as you can get your hands on."

Jarek Pominkiewic,
Level III candidate