The IMC syllabus is updated every year on 1 December.

Due to the fast-moving nature of the profession, it is necessary to update the IMC syllabus regularly. This is to ensure that the content of the IMC remains relevant to the current financial services industry landscape.

It is important that candidates carefully consider when they plan to sit the IMC. This is because the syllabus tested may change depending on the date that they sit the exam.

Candidates who successfully pass one unit under the current syllabus, and pass the other unit under the new syllabus will still achieve the IMC. The structure of the qualification has not changed.

The examination is written to the syllabus; therefore you will be tested on the new syllabus from 1 December.

The Official Training Manual (OTM) is also written to the syllabus.

Below are the syllabuses for IMC Unit 1 v.11 and IMC Unit 2 v.11 to be tested from 1 December 2013.

IMC Unit 1 The Investment Environment v.11

IMC Unit 2 Investment Practice v.11

IMC Tax Tables from 1 Dec 2013

IMC v11 Errata for Units 1 and 2

The following documents detail the changes between IMC version 10 and IMC version 11.

IMC Unit 1 v.11 Change Document

IMC Unit 2 v.11 Change Document

For more information about these changes please read the ‘Syllabus Change’ section of the IMC FAQs.